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Enjoy the Flavors of the MOST POPULAR DISHES 
Across the Hispanic Culture! 

Here are a few of the favorites:

Learn How to Make Delicious Empanadas from Panama


Bandeja Paisa (ban-deh-ha pah-ee-sah) or Paisa tray gets its name from the Andean region of the country where people are called "Paisas." It is probably the most popular Colombian dish, and although it calls for many ingredients, with a little pre-planning the result is quite filling and absolutely delicious.

Savor the Flavors of Colombia's Famous Bandeja Paisa

Impress Your Guests with Peru's World-Known Ceviche

MORE than a Cookbook! This is a Book You and Your Whole Family Will Enjoy!

  • Flip through the amazing photographs and engage with unique facts from every country

  • Enrich your sight with pictures for every dish and no-nonsense easy to find ingredients

  • Relax with easy to follow instructions and exclusive preparation tips

  • Learn the Spanish language with pronunciation help (excellent for kids)!

with Gastronomical, Geographical and Cultural Insights!

Did you know...

  • Argentina ~ Capital Buenos Aires

    In the southernmost point of South America, Argentina is the eighth largest country in the world. As the third biggest producer of beef in the world, Argentina’s food is predominantly beef and vegetables.
    The world’s first animated films were created and released in Argentina.

  • Chile ~ Capital Santiago

    Chile is a long, skinny piece of land, which measures 2,653 miles long, yet only 109 miles wide! With the rugged Andes Mountains in the east and another lower mountain range along the coast of the Pacific Ocean, Chile’s agricultural activity is centered around the fertile valley in between the two.

  • Brazil ~ Capital Brasilia

    Its capital, Brasilia, was part of a plan to move the capital inward. Prior to construction, the region resembled a desert, with no people, scarce water, few animals and few plants. It is now one of the most sophisticated cities in the world, with architecture ahead of its time.

  • Nicaragua ~ Capital Managua

    Among its beautiful geographic regions, it has nine lakes with six craters each, formed by volcanic activity and filled with water over time. Lake Nicaragua, the only lake with freshwater sharks, is the largest freshwater lake in Central America.

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Taste it or Forget It!

For six years my family traveled the U.S. in an RV… it was an adventurous time!! BUT…

Everywhere we went, people saw our dark hair and dark complexion and asked us if we were Mexican.

We were asked things like- “What part of Mexico are you from?” or “Do you speak Mexican?” LOL!!!

After enough of those questions, I realized there was a stereotype with Hispanics. Many people think all Hispanics are Mexican; We all eat tacos and have piñatas at our parties (okay, the last one is true), haha.

You see, Hispanics come from Latin America and Latin America involves 21 countries!

The “Mexican” looking people you come across could be from Venezuela, Colombia, Guatemala, Peru
or Ecuador (like me).

To tackle this stereotype problem HEAD ON, I decided to write a fun book that would introduce you to the Hispanic culture, while also making you fall in love with the food!...
‘Cause after all, everyone loves a fabulous tasting dish, right?... YUM!!!!

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  • Do you want to learn about new countries and people?

If you answered YES to any of these... then hey... 
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Here's What Our RAVING FANS are Saying:

“This is great. It's more than a recipe book. You actually learn about the countries where the recipes come from. It's great to use in teaching children about other cultures, countries, etc. This is rich with information and I'm so glad to have it.”


Country Curly, Amazon Review

“I just got my copy of Not Just Tacos. I have already learned new things about the foods and people of Latin America. Suddenly I have an interest in traveling to South America and experiencing the culture first hand! The photographs and clean layout design makes you want to dig in and get started cooking. I predict this will become a popular resource in many kitchens and homeschool libraries across the United States for years to come.”


Cindy Wiggers, Geography Matters

“Not Just Tacos is not only a wonderful cookbook, it provides a brief history and geography learning experience. There are recipes from 21 Latin American Countries. The geographical regions covered are from the top of Mexico to the southern extreme of Argentina as well as countries in the Caribbean. These countries were once part of the Spanish, Portuguese and French Empires. The quality of the photos are magnificent, and the recipes are easy to follow.”

ABR, Amazon Review

"What a phenomenal author, mother and leader in her community. I am blessed to have met you, Shirley Davila Solis and I cannot wait to get home and put this cookbook to good use! PS: recipes are authentic, homey and simple... Wolfgang Puck, eat your heart out!"

Mark Moffitt, John Maxwell Team Leader

"Shirley Solis's warm, Ecuadorian personality comes through the writing and even the recipes, making the reader feel that she (or he) can execute these possibly unfamiliar dishes with ease. Your children will love helping make these dishes and learning about other countries through the food and culture."

Marilyn Rockett, Homeschool Today, Editor

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